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Offline Games

Offline Games

Offline Games

Hello gamer lovers, of course, you know about offline games. Games that are played without quota or internet. Since the advent of the internet system, a lot of new games have come to entertain gamers. There are so many types of games that gamers can enjoy and download easily. Playing offline games will certainly not use up the internet and quota.

When you don’t have enough money to play the game, of course, gamers don’t do anything, just stay silent. Of course, I’m very bored when the quota runs out, I can’t do anything. In playing games, of course, many gamers complain that costs continue to soar. Of course, to cut costs, gamers have to be frugal and efficient when playing games.

Exciting and fun game

Metalshinefasteners – Maybe when playing offlineGames, will certainly be different from online games. Online games can be played on computers, laptops, android, and iPhones. Playing offline games will also provide fun for gamers. Can play without having to be triggered by scores from other gamers and know how to win when playing online games.

Playing offline games will make gamers feel at home. No need to go out to play games. Offline games are no less sophisticated and cool than online games. In offline games, gamers will find colors and shapes of games that are very interesting, not inferior to online games. Offline games are not just for gamers. But offlineGames can also be for children.

Can be for children

Maybe to be able to play offline games, gamers have to download the game. Go to the google play store and select the type of game that gamers want to play. Before downloading read the information in the game. Description stating that the game can be played offline. With this information, gamers can download and wait for the download process.

without internet//games

Parents also don’t have to worry about the internet or quota anymore. With offlineGames, children can also enjoy games without having to spend their quota. Parents don’t need to be afraid of their children playing outside the house anymore.


Meanwhile, offline games can only be played on Android. That’s not the only difference between online and offlineGames. Differences that might be a consideration for gamers. Here are the differences between online and offline games, namely:
On line

  • Using quota or the internet
  • Can earn money
  • Compete with online players
  • Can be played with many devices [laptop, computer, android, tablet, and iphone]
  • Communicate with online gamers
  • Purchase game skills
  • Play without the internet
  • Can’t buy skills
  • Can be played via Android
  • Only selected games can be played
  • Can’t communicate
  • Not getting money
  • Can’t compete with other gamers
  • Save quota
    From these differences, gamers can choose which type of game gamers want. Even though you only play offlineGames, gamers don’t need to worry because the games available are also very good and interesting. Gives a lot of fun even offline.
Game Type

There are several offlineGames that gamers can enjoy on Android, namely:

  • Oceanhorn
  • Minion rush
  • Death rose
  • Minecraft
  • Iron blade: legends
  • GTA
  • Icey
  • Words of Wonder
  • Hitman sniper and many more