Ice paradise
Ice paradise

Ice paradise

Ice paradise novomatic

Ice paradise game that managed to captivate the hearts of gamers. With the form of a cold and strong symbol, it can make gamers want to try playing all the symbols of ice paradise. In such a cold season and many roads and some places become frozen because the weather is so freezing.

Whoever was there would be frozen ice cubes. But gamers don’t have to worry in a cold place, gamers will find many symbols and beautiful views of the night sky covered by snow. The stars look so beautiful that the eyes can’t blink.

Beautiful aurora

Metalshinefasteners – In cold places many white expanses cover the road. All frozen trajectories could not walk leisurely for fear of cracks within. Ice paradise has 5 beautiful rolls with sweet symbols. Play while looking at the beautiful scenery from the reflection of the sky. Aurora is a light that is reflected and forms a beautiful and sweet color.

The resulting color is really beautiful. Do not want to let go and continue to stare at the beautiful sky. In the white snow there are big and cute animals. To others they are ferocious animals ready to attack anyone. But in the game ice paradise they become sweet animals that have only fine fur.

Game symbol

The polar bear is the main symbol in the ice paradise game. To be able to win this game, gamers must be able to get 5 beautiful and beautiful wins. Each symbol that is formed will lead gamers to the door of victory. 3 or more equal marks will give the gamer value and coins.

The types of symbols formed in the Ice Paradise game are polar bears, stars, bells, number 7, fresh fruit [plums, lemons, grapes, watermelons, oranges and cherries]. In the wild will replace all symbols except the scatter. 3 wilds that are present in a row will make the wilds expand and the chance for gamers to win.

dashing polar bear//cool
Appearing with the aurora

Scatter becomes a beautiful decoration tool in the sky. Scatter himself is a star. Stars that can help the moon shine light so it’s not dark at night. The twinkling light can be present in any position the star wants. The scatter value is made up of the same symbols except for combinations.

When playing the game ice paradise, don’t be surprised if you see all the symbols flying. Flying among the colors of the aurora light made many people amazed. Feels like entering into a white and cold paradise when playing the game ice paradise. The polar bear will search for everything gamers want in order to meet with victory. Getting a combination value is one way to win easily.


The values ​​generated are very high, which can make gamers win quickly. Enjoy all the facilities available in the ice paradise game. With this can make a lot of coins that gamers can want will be achieved. The automatic button will make all screens rotate on their own after we determine the type of game.

on the reels will play quickly without having to press the play button. For beginners, you can directly play the ice paradise game just by logging in through the website. No need to download games anymore. Select the bet value that gamers want to use.