How to reduce gadget dependency
How to reduce gadget dependency

How to reduce gadget dependency

How to reduce gadget dependency

How reduce gadget dependency is not easy. Since the advent of various types of media that are fun, some parents let their children use gadgets. Without us realizing it, we are the ones who are ruining the future of children and making them unable to let go of their gadgets.

There are various reasons why parents let their children use gadgets. The same and similar reasons make many think that taking care of children turns out to have to use cell phones. Allowing children to use cell phones as a tool for silence can actually lead to excessive addiction.


Metalshinefasteners – For that, we as parents must be more careful and careful again in taking care of children. Of course, for those who have been addicted to gadgets, it will be difficult to remove and cure. To be able to heal children who have been addicted to gadgets can be done slowly. The things that must be done so that opium disappears, namely:

Spending time with children

Mother, when all of your busy schedules certainly make the child not noticed. This makes children think that playing with gadgets is more fun than anything else. To prevent this, let’s take your time to play together with the children. If the father can also take the time then just invite everyone. The time you spend will make them prefer to hang out with their family rather than play with their cell phones.

limit cell phone use slowly//play

Limit use

The taste of addiction will make children will not be separated from gadgets. To start them off with gadgets, they can limit their use. How to limit it, don’t stop completely. Because a child who is forced to quit will become an irritable child. More ways to limit it like:
Can’t watch while eating
Give time to watch
Take your cell phone when it’s time to go to bed
Set hours using cell phones and others
In this way, it is guaranteed that the sense of dependence on gadgets will begin to disappear and allow children to carry out normal activities.
Invite children to do useful activities
If you want your child not to be addicted to gadgets, you can invite them to do useful activities. With these activities, the time to watch cell phones will be reduced.